Special Event

April 29-30, 2023 - Spring Theology Conference

Sovereign Grace Reformed Church will host a Spring Bible Conference on April 29th and 30th.  

Whether Christians realize it or not, a movement known as Federal Vision is growing in popularity and its teachings are impacting the church today.  This is why we have invited Dr. Alan Strange, professor of church history at Mid-America Reformed Seminary and expert on FV (Federal Vision) theology, to be our featured speaker.  According to Dr. Strange, "Federal Vision often recognizes real problems, but it does not give the right biblical and confessional answers to those problems."  He plans to address this in a series of three talks:

Session 1 - Federal Vision: A Misguided Solution to Some Real Doctrinal Problems.

Session 2 - Federal Vision: A Wrongheaded Approach to Some Genuine Family Concerns.

Session 3 - Federal Vision: An Ill-Advised Address to Some Valid Cultural Challenges.


In the first of these three sessions, Dr. Strange will detail the origins of Federal Vision and where it goes astray on the doctrine of the covenant and the church, particularly on justification. 

In the second session, he will address how Federal Vision tends to an idolatry of the family.  

Finally, in the third session, Dr. Strange will address the Federal Vision push toward Christian nationalism (especially in light of a recently written book by Stephen Wolfe, published by Canon Press, titled "A Case For Christian Nationalism.")

With these three talks, Dr. Strange intends to get to the heart of the problem with Federal Vision and lead us to a proper biblical understanding.

Conference Schedule

Saturday, April 29th

*Location - Emmanuel Baptist Church, Doniphan MO.

10:30 AM - (Session 1) Federal Vision:  A Misguided Solution to Some Real Doctrinal Problems

12:00 PM - Lunch Provided

1:00 PM - (Session 2) Federal Vision:  A Wrongheaded Approach to Some Genuine Family Concerns

Sunday, April 30th

*Location - Sovereign Grace Reformed Church, Doniphan MO.

9:00 AM - Fruit and Pastries

9:30 AM - (Session 3) An Ill-Advised Address to Some Valid Cultural Challenges

11:00 AM - Dr. Alan Strange will preach at our regular worship service (Psalm 15 - "The Genius of the Reformation")

12:30 PM - Lunch Provided

*Note the change of location. All Saturday sessions will be located at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Doniphan, MO. Sunday's sessions will be located at Sovereign Grace Reformed Church in Doniphan, MO.

*A nursery will also be provided for small children during all sessions and during the worship service.*

All are invited to this much needed Bible Conference, and we hope to see you and your friends there!!