Order of Worship

Here is a sample of our order of worship.


Silent Prayer of Preparation

The Lord Calls Us To Worship

Call to Worship 

(Scripture Reading)

*Song of Praise*

Greeting and Salutation 

(Scripture Reading)

Prayer of Adoration

*Trinitarian Doxology* 

(Song of Praise)

The Lord Calls Us To Confession

Reading of the Law 

(Scripture Reading)

Silent Confession

Corporate Confession

Pastoral Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon 

(Scripture Reading)

*Song of Assurance*

Prayer of the Church

The Lord Calls Us To Thanksgiving

Call to Thanksgiving 

(Scripture Reading)

Giving of Tithes and Offerings

Prayer of Thanksgiving

The Lord Calls Us To Affirm Our Faith

Corporate Confession of Faith

The Lord Speaks To Us From His Word

Old Testament Reading

*Song of Preparation*

New Testament Reading

Prayer of Illumination


Prayer of Application

*Song of Response*

The Lord Feeds Us From His Table

Invitation and Fencing

(Scripture Reading)


† The Lord's Supper† 

The Lord Blesses Us


(Scripture Reading)


(Song of Praise)

Closing Prayer


*All songs and music are taken from the Trinity Psalter Hymnal.*

† The Lord's Supper is celebrated weekly during the AM worship service and once a month during the PM worship service.†